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Thursday, December 27, 2007

♥ Making Each Moment Memorable

Every relationship has a memory worth keeping. Whether good or bad memories, these are tools that can help us grow more and more. Sometimes we neglect that these memories can teach us, help us learn how life is. In my search for making each moment memorable, I have learned that we as an individual can make every moment memorable. God created us and wired us with such a capacity to turn moments into a great memory.

Overcoming your self - this is one of the greatest hindrance in our lives today. Our own self is our own enemy. In a certain relationship, we have individualism, that individualism sometimes gets in our way to have a great time together. The question is how? In a relationship both of you should have talked on the things that you like or dislike. And must set some guidelines considering both of you. Always remember this in order to overcome yourself, you must be willing to take the risk of doing it. Most of the time it will hurt you. But once passed that it wont hurt you again.

Creating a joyful scenario - in order to create a joyful scenario, both of you mus have a common thinking, where to go, what to do, or how to have fun, sad to say in some relationship, there will be times that we wont have a common thing to do. In this case, both of you must work things out. Try creating a scenario where in both of you would have fun together. I highly recommend that you should have bonding moments together.

Take Pictures - in making a scenario memorable, make sure that you are always ready to capture that moments with a handy cam or a mobile phone with cam. I personally capture every moment because for me it is one of the legacies that I can share to my son and grandsons.

Value your relationship - always love and protect each other, and if there are problems along the way, solve that problem by talking it over. Making each moment memorable can be attained with a good and pleasnat relationship. Always remember this, there is no perfect relationship, but we can have a good relationship if we will be able to overcome every circumstances along the way.

I hope that this would help us understand and make our relationship strong. I personally dedicate this to my greatest teacher.. Quing Perpetua whom i love the most. Bhe! I love you and thanks for everything!!

♥ The Couple

    Rai Abary
    Quing Perpetua


    He was looking for God’s gift.
    She was waiting for God’s will.
    Both believe that true love waits.
    Both hoped.

    When boy meets girl, friendship started then. They shared thoughts, stories, and even problems they face everyday. The tiny bond of friendship blossoms deeper and deeper as each day passed by. He confided to her, she leaned on him. Both shared the same passion and that is to serve God and to walk intimately with God. He prayed for her. She prayed for him. An ordinary friend turned into more special - prayer partner.

    More talks, more laughs, more cries, more songs, more poems, more thoughts, more prayers, more time have been spent, that love began to grow and bind them.

    May 17, 2007, God, in His own perfect way and time, allowed us to enjoy the gift of love.

    Until now, God never fails to guide us. Like any ordinary relationship, we fight - get jealous, get mad, misunderstand and even hurt each other. As an individual, we need to adjust, take risks and sacrifices. "It is painful". Yet, true love is still worth it all. We know that everyday, we face challenges, and we need to fight, defend and protect the love that we have. It may tear us, cost our life, yet we do not fear because GOD is the center of our faith.
    God is our strong foundation, our beginning and our end.

    When God made Rai, He was thinking of Quing.

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