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Sunday, February 24, 2008

♥ From Disappointment to God’s blessings

It has been such a rough week ever since everything keeps falling apart. I know that you and I felt the agony of those moments. We tried to hide and get rid of those pains yet it comes out because we can’t contain it. Now that everything is getting back to normal, here we are again starting and making sure that our love grows continuously. A lot of lesson has been learned and a lot of disappointments shattered our heart. But there is only one thing that we neglected and we tried to ignore, love covers all magnitude of faults. Love is the most powerful tool that we should have used. In the secular aspect love is just a mere feeling and it disappears. Yet in reality of life and looking at it from the point of view of God’s word, love never fails and no matter how we try to ignore it, LOVE NEVER FAILS. Yes we are hurt, we got hurt, but if we practice to let love reign, no matter now many times we get hurt and how many times we cry, love covers everything of it.

Love does not keep records of fault, it is merciful, always hopes, and always trusts. Though men will fail in thoughts yet love never does. We might try to end all of this but eventually get hurt along the way, yet when we give a chance to make love work, even the most brutal person in the world or the most sinful man will change because only love has the power to change people…

As we start again, let us this time make love work, let it be given a chance, let us set aside our faults and our pride, always remember it is our pride that will kill our love. Pride has destroyed a lot of families already that is why I am giving a challenge on both of us, let us continue to love, exercise GODLY love, and fill our hearts with God’s love and mercy for one another, then we will see how God will move in a mighty way in our relationship.

To my Bhe Quing, I want you to know that I love you not just in words, nor in action, but with my whole being….

God bless you always and remember that I have never loved any woman the way I love you now. You are my TRUE FIRST LOVE and NO ONE ELSE. The reason why GOD made you and me…

Christopher Ryan Abary

♥ The Couple

    Rai Abary
    Quing Perpetua


    He was looking for God’s gift.
    She was waiting for God’s will.
    Both believe that true love waits.
    Both hoped.

    When boy meets girl, friendship started then. They shared thoughts, stories, and even problems they face everyday. The tiny bond of friendship blossoms deeper and deeper as each day passed by. He confided to her, she leaned on him. Both shared the same passion and that is to serve God and to walk intimately with God. He prayed for her. She prayed for him. An ordinary friend turned into more special - prayer partner.

    More talks, more laughs, more cries, more songs, more poems, more thoughts, more prayers, more time have been spent, that love began to grow and bind them.

    May 17, 2007, God, in His own perfect way and time, allowed us to enjoy the gift of love.

    Until now, God never fails to guide us. Like any ordinary relationship, we fight - get jealous, get mad, misunderstand and even hurt each other. As an individual, we need to adjust, take risks and sacrifices. "It is painful". Yet, true love is still worth it all. We know that everyday, we face challenges, and we need to fight, defend and protect the love that we have. It may tear us, cost our life, yet we do not fear because GOD is the center of our faith.
    God is our strong foundation, our beginning and our end.

    When God made Rai, He was thinking of Quing.

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