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Saturday, April 5, 2008

♥ G.O.S.S.I.P.

I decided to post this because this thing is very very common and sadly it has become wretchedly usual. All of us have encountered this; it could be that we are guilty of it and or a victim of it. Now, why do I use negative words like guilty and victim in relation with gossip? It is because GOSSIP IS NO LESS THAN CHARACTER ASSASINATION.

Some of us or even I sarcastically say “so what, e tama naman ako” or “kiber, totoo naman sinasabi ko”, but we have to know that whether we are telling the truth or not, no one has a right to degrade, humiliate, or disrespect a person just because he commits mistakes. Just because he has done wrong, it does not mean that we have a rightful authority to tell the world how bad that person is. I mean, we have to be matured enough to meditate that gasgas phrase na “No One Is Perfect”. I realized that each of us has his own set of weakness and strength and it varies in every individual, kaya, a person’s weakness can never make me holy or better. Criticizing others is a dishonest way of praising my self. And note that gossip is far very different from warning. There was once when my mom checked me, I right away defended that I was only giving my friend a caution about the offender, it is not harmful rather helpful to my friend. But she tapped me and simply told me, “Think again. Define caution and check your actions.” This is how to check it: Kung ang sinabi mo sa mga tao makakabawas ng respeto or makakababa ng pagkatao nung taong pinag-usapan niyo, then that is gossip.

In a fight or misunderstanding between individuals, reconciliation and not gossip is the way out. Sad to know that some people rather settle in gossip than to confront the offender to patch things up. I realized that by resolving to gossip I am not only destroying the person but horribly myself too. Ginawa ko ang sarili ko na di mapapagkatiwalaan kasi if only I’ve acted appropriately the problem is already resolved between me and my offender. And if reconciliation failed, I should have kept the problem myself. I may seek advice; I may warn some of my friends but not to the extent of destroying the person. In that way, I should have gain integrity. I will be at peace and can confidently assure myself that people will get to know eventually who is at fault.

I know damaged has been done before I become conscious of this, but I believe that it is never too late to do the right thing. This is life. We cannot change the past but every day is a chance to do better for a brighter and happier future. Haays, peace on earth..
--Quing :]]

♥ The Couple

    Rai Abary
    Quing Perpetua


    He was looking for God’s gift.
    She was waiting for God’s will.
    Both believe that true love waits.
    Both hoped.

    When boy meets girl, friendship started then. They shared thoughts, stories, and even problems they face everyday. The tiny bond of friendship blossoms deeper and deeper as each day passed by. He confided to her, she leaned on him. Both shared the same passion and that is to serve God and to walk intimately with God. He prayed for her. She prayed for him. An ordinary friend turned into more special - prayer partner.

    More talks, more laughs, more cries, more songs, more poems, more thoughts, more prayers, more time have been spent, that love began to grow and bind them.

    May 17, 2007, God, in His own perfect way and time, allowed us to enjoy the gift of love.

    Until now, God never fails to guide us. Like any ordinary relationship, we fight - get jealous, get mad, misunderstand and even hurt each other. As an individual, we need to adjust, take risks and sacrifices. "It is painful". Yet, true love is still worth it all. We know that everyday, we face challenges, and we need to fight, defend and protect the love that we have. It may tear us, cost our life, yet we do not fear because GOD is the center of our faith.
    God is our strong foundation, our beginning and our end.

    When God made Rai, He was thinking of Quing.

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